Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time Management Tips Thursday Thirteen Post 2

Here are 13 time management tips to help you to use your time wisely to get important tasks done!

1…. Plan daily. Each night write down the top five most important tasks that you would like to accomplish the next day.

2…. Prioritize. List your top five tasks in order of importance and stick to completing each task in order.

3…. Set realistic times for each project. Don't set a goal to fold five loads of laundry in 15 minutes! Anything is possible but is it realistic?

4…. Stop multi-tasking. Do one task well, then move on to the next.

5…. Clear clutter. One of the biggest time wasters is looking for something amongst a pile of clutter.

6…. Delegate. You don't have to do everything. Focus on the most important tasks of the day and allow others to handle the rest.

7…. Reduce distractions. Let the answering machine answer calls. Get up an hour earlier while everyone else is sleeping to get important tasks done.

8…. Sort mail immediately. When you go to your traditional mailbox or check your email, toss out or delete what is not important and take action on what is important.

9…. Use a timer. You can get an inexpensive egg timer at your local grocery store. If you schedule 15 minutes to perform a task, when the timer goes off stop what you are doing and move on to your next task.
10...Use a day planner. Writing things down helps you to stay organized and manage important tasks. You could forget something when you rely on your memory.

11….Throw out old magazines. Tear out articles you wish to keep. Place the articles in plastic sheet protectors and put them in a 3 ring binder. This will keep all of your articles in one place and save you alot of time flipping through advertisements to get to what you want to read.

12….Outsource. Hire outside sources to handle jobs that take up time that you could be using to focus on important tasks.

13….Turn off the t.v.! Alot of valuable time is wasted watching television when you could be doing something more productive.

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DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Great tips!

Noelle said...

Hi, I really like your list!! Good tips!! I did a TT list too, it's here:

Wolfie said...

Hello..thanks for the tips..I should try to stick to them..

J. Lynne said...

Excellent list. I've been doing that magazine/binder one for years, but I have 2 binders -- one for recipes and one for articles.

Nicholas said...

Some very good tips there; thank you. At least I never ever have the TV on for wallpaper, or during the day.